Sunday, April 4, 2010

phone pixxx

from around.

last week was rough. tried to counteract this by doing lunch at the brass rail for entertainment purposes. not sure if i would recommend. i ordered a blue moon, but what came was a bud light with an orange in it. they insisted it was blue moon. maroons!

how i love that salvation army. they are so stupid and they have the best stuff! my local store seems to get a lot of 30s and 40s furniture in. they offer these items at extremely low prices, but then charge insane prices for the nasty 80s/90s garbage furniture filling the rest of the place, ugly old leather couches, particle board dressers, etc. this dresser is made of cedar. 40 bucksssss. i don't have any more room, unfortunately.

40s clawfoot dining table. not my style anymore (i live in 1966 now), but still classic. walnut? i bought one a little nicer than this a few years ago from lizabel's and hauled it home myself. in the summer. approximate weight, 8000 lbs. may have taken years from my life.

not from the salvation army, but still a deal. it's old - are there vintage eames knockoffs? there was no stamp or label on the shell.

just pointing out that aj's sells ramen. AT A PREMIUM!


mle jean said...

good furniture finds! and is that dog yours? he is adorable :)

Brittany said...

that is my dog. he is presh, when he's not shredding bits of found paper under the comforter on my bed. :D