Monday, March 1, 2010

historically-minded webcomixx: the only kind

i love kate beaton's comic, "hark! a vagrant" so goddamn much that i don't even know what to DO! every time i read it, i feel a rush of admiration (she's so smart/funny and we like the same stuff!), then jealousy (why didn't I think of this!!) then back to admiration & more jealousy. one thing i just noticed while browsing the archives: no civil war comics! can it be? an historian or whatever she is, and no boner for the american civil war. that's not even possible. she is canadian, though.

visit here: hark! a vagrant.

this paper that has plagued me is due on thursday. i received the assignment two weeks ago, or something. tonight i changed my topic. making my own life so hard like this. but the new topic is so much easier for me, i instantly wrote the paper and now all i need to do is find more sources and remove all the "fuck"s and "shit"s from the rough draft. i take it quite seriously when someone asks me to write in my own words. but lord, what i have learned about the mexican war. someone, ask me. please. i love to talk about things no one else cares about.

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