Sunday, March 21, 2010

Checking in.

9 months ago I posted the following to-do list. I will add my results in bold. Conclusion: I either suck at follow-through, or my goals are...unusual. Answer: both.

visit a state park, something especially woodsy with water - didn't do this.

learn to tat, crotchet and knit. and do a french knot - i can do a french knot now.

visit anita in san diego, go to beach, beforehand buy precious vintage suit with matching skirt or shorts to shield fat ass from onlookers - i didn't do this and now i bitterly regret it because she doesn't live there anymore!!! like, fuck!

roll that old 401k into a roth - i cashed it. close enough.

get a new camera - done: canon powershot sx110is. i like it.

find a great big box to make a ring box out of - done.

get ahold of jamie - done.

casual sex? - done.

figure out when mad men, true blood and flipping out seasons begin again - nah, forgot about tv. i do miss my jeff though.

become this woman or at least incorporate her as my spirit animal:

not yet. definitely getting closer.

time to make a new list.

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wool and misc said...

that's a good list. feels nice to revisit and cross shit off. i especially love the last one.