Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i love this photo of rita hayworth playing the toreador and orson welles playing the bull. taken during their 5 year marriage. there is something very compelling about (the young) orson welles.

the first time i really noticed him was at the end of the third man. the scene so late towards the end of the movie when you finally see his character again after thinking he is dead (sry, spoilerz) - then his face in the shadowy street and a swelling of the strangely cool zither theme. it's been a while since i watched.

i read something about their divorce in which rita was asked why the split, and she said nearly verbatim, i couldn't take any more genius. demasiado genius.

in other news, there are fruit flies all over my house, and that's what i cannot take any more of. insufferable little flies.

i finished a stitchery which i am going to frame and send east to one of my bros. pictures to come, but i will probably wait until she has it to avoid further spoilage. later i made a little necklace out of natural turquoise chunks bleached and dyed coral pink, red glass beads, and gold chain. i'm doing anything i can to focus on pro-me creative things and forget i have a job, forget summer is coming, forget car payments, friend-fights, fruit flies, laundry, tired eyes and any other antagonist i can come up with. replacing it all with beads, stones, pink embroidery floss, avocados, re-watchings of gilda, and, of course, photos of orson welles 1950 and prior. oh and grapefruit juice. CHALLAH

all of this instead of xanax.


Anonymous said...

Geniuses are hard to live with. Period. Simple people are much more content - which is a real blessing in itself.

Brittany said...

The worst case scenario seems to be neither genius nor simple.