Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Productivity Sunday

I love this set by John Olson, done for LIFE in I guess about 1970. I tried to find it in the archives on their site and can't. Lots of photos of Kanye and Lady Gaga, though. PASS. Rockstars with their parents:

Looks at Elton's mom! Could you die? I could. Look at her smile! She's so excited about her boots and her badassical son!

I saw the young Crosby on a '69 episode of Cavett recently (did I post about that already? sounds like something I would do) and was amazed at how very young he was. Probably 23! Joni Mitchell said, "Doesn't he look like a lion?" in her dreamy way.

And sweet little Grace Wing Slick with her extremely respectable-looking mother.

The Zappas. I dig that lavender. Ideas!

While I'm at it, more Grace. I luh that crazy bitch.

I wish I could find a good clip of Janis finding herself unable to not take little shots at the vapid & dreadful Raquel Welch on Cavett. Oh, here we go.

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