Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Royale

So I met Miss Lil for the first time last week. She's been working at The Royale for 3 decades, and still closes the bar 5 nights a week by herself. I wonder if she carries a gun. She watches over the place like a hawk and is obviously prepared to handle any bullshit at any time.

Surreptitious photo of Miss Lil. Check her out! Her hair was impeccable btw.

The amenities.

After trying to crash a birthday party there and finding the bar full of visibly trashed, sometimes aggressive patrons, we bailed for friendlier territories...

...Where Cindy made a lucrative discovery -

Only to give it back in a fit of good samaritanism when the guy who lost it returned and started inquiring about some lost money, talking of hard times and being a single dad. Well, sort of. Whatever makes Cindy feel better. HA

It's pouring outside. I can't go out there. I expressed this issue to a pal who is from a place where they do have weather. She asked me if I think I'm some kind of witch vampire who will melt in the rain or something. I said, yeah.

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