Tuesday, February 23, 2010


instead of deconstructing abolitionist principles of the 1830s, i am going through my flickr account, updating tags. i thought i would share this hilarious photo of my dad in about '69. i keep meaning to print this out for him, for a couple of reasons. one, to ask him what in the god hell happened to that fruit basket lamp of my grandmother's. it is almost ugly enough to fit into my decor. and two, to ask him why he thought a blue sweater would ever go with those leather pants.

i can recognize just about every item in this picture from my grandmother's house, except that lamp of course. the mirror and end tables are in my house. that entire nativity set on the card table behind him was eventually destroyed by fighting cats, only to be replaced piece by piece, year after year. that's his senior portrait to the left, and his second wife to the right. two more would follow her (including my mother), and i think he's working on number 5 now. one more and he'll have caught up with this fool.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha! nice... My Grandma had some pretty crazy lamps-my Aunt still has them. I really want to go get some of my gramps old beer signs tho-I have to go back to Chicago to get 'em tho. ROADTRIP!

mle jean said...

thats a funny picture of your dad, its hard to look at anything else in the picture besides the leather pants :)