Sunday, September 8, 2013


No offense, Ky-Ky, but I prefer the Nick-Blixa combination here.  Nixa.

Oh god the violin.

I have multiple itunes libraries living on a couple of computers, and when transferring music from one to the other, discovered a cache containing a library circa 2007.  It was full of all sorts of music that hadn't made it over on a transfer made at that time.

Now I am continually hearing songs that I loved in past lives and somehow forgot about when they went away.  I still love them.  Hearing certain songs for the first time in years is sometimes shocking, thrilling and gutting.

I had PJ Harvey's "Dry" on tape (am old) and have scarcely heard it in the last decade.  I listened to it the other night and felt like screaming.  THIS IS SO GOOD.

Is Suede not super famous?  I thought they were.  I find living entirely in my own world to be an accomplishment, but sometimes it leads to confusion.

I forgot about this song, and Disintegration in general, until I watched Marie Antoinette last summer.  I was amazed at how good it is.  What the hell have I been doing?  I think I should do a Cure song trawl post where I ramble excessively about my various feelings about various songs.  FUNSIES

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allison_bt said...

haha, i bought 'dry' on cassette too and haven't heard it in a million years. must remedy today.
also, love me some blixa.