Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today I got in trouble at work for having this as my aim avatar.

I can't decide what's more strange.

1. That I feel comfortable using this image on the service I use to chat with the entire company
2. That the other owner - the same one who dialed our hr admin on speakerphone and called her a "cunt whore" (c'mon guy, pick one and go with it. you can't have both) while 15 pathetic bootlicking bastards laughed behind him - said that it was offensive, or
3. That I actually felt a little outraged about having to take it down.

This place is not normal. I don't tell people about what goes down there anymore (harassment, theft, litigation, more harassment) partly because it's exhausting, and partly because it sounds so exaggerated. But it's real.

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