Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He's a writer, not a madman.

I must've seen Quills in the theater about five times when it came out in 2000. I'm not sure what was going on with me at the time to cause such a return other than a brief fixation with 18th century French literature, and a breakup.

I recall thinking that the movie was so great and wasn't it funny that I was in love with a thing like Geoffrey Rush (as the Marquis) at that age. But he does have that smooth, evil and sensuous Alan Rickman thing, doesn't he? I think they were roommates when they were young, did I make that up? Imagine the sex pheromones running down the windows of that shitty little flat. Anyway, I am in the process of watching Quills again for the first time in years and can't seem to stop rolling my eyes in tired consternation at all of this obviousness. I hate when a person or piece is so self-consciously wry.

This was a really good time for Joaquin Phoenix. I don't typically follow actors, directors or cinema in general, but I do keep one eye on this guy because I think I am seeing a bona fide artiste in there. I enjoy how effortless his acting seems to be, how genuine and believable he is in every role. I probably have not posted yet about how much I love the movie To Die For, in which he is perfect and almost makes ME want to cry when his lovelorn teenager-turned-murderer character chokes up and croaks out a tortured, "We were in love!" when goaded by a reporter about how Kidman's character had used him to achieve her own wicked ends.

Last time I checked, he was bloating like Jim Morrison (kind of suits him, though?) and I really would like to know if the fable is true regarding his wrecking his car somewhere in Hollywood and being rescued by Werner Herzog. My understanding is Werner drug Joaquin's half-conscious body to safety, whereupon Joaquin said something like, OMG! Werner Herzog! at which point Werner doubtlessly said something very short yet clever, and then disappeared into the growing melee of rescue personnel. Sounds, you know, pretty believable to me, but I like to fact-check things I read on Oh No They Didn't.

I forgot Michael Caine was in Quills, too, although I suppose I would admit that I didn't know who he was (Alfie!) at the time.


mle jean said...

have you seen U-Turn with a young Joaquin? he is soo hot!!

Brittany said...

i haven't! perhaps i will netflix it.