Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get ready

Achewood is the ............. ok, the world's best internet comic. I was going to say Hark A Vagrant is, but

1. I can't do that to Chris after reading loyally for like 5 years here
2. Achewood has the greatest story arcs ever and
3. Onstad's illustrative style is so concise and brilliant in ways that defy description other than HILAR

It's true and don't think I just have bad taste if you stumble upon a lame or connective strip.

Anyway, summer's coming to the desert (it's 100 degrees and I still say "coming") and that means many S.A.D. times ahead for me. In my world, there are no bikinis, tans or pool parties to celebrate the summer. There is only a darkened apartment, an air conditioner, and re-runs of Antiques Roadshow. I stop being able to tolerate an active routine above approx 103 degrees. It's called reverse seasonal affective disorder; I invented it just like I invented cropping the "er" off of "whatever".

I was reminded of it by this strip in which we glimpse Beef's falltime sadness. Probably want to view larger. Molly watches from afar and becomes excited as Beef somehow summons the strength to complete his bite into a piece of toast in spite of inadequate amounts of sunshine in his life.

I'm not a comic person. But Chris Onstad and Kate Beaton are brilliant and I can't fight it.

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