Sunday, June 6, 2010


The black stuff is Lake Superior. As lakes go, I would say that it is very cold. And rather large.

All the ferns you're missing in your life.

I guess I'm in the wrong field. If only there wasn't so up in geography, geomorphology, geology, horticulture. I get so excited when talking about PLANTS and ROCKS. You can just wander around in Northern Minnesota and find agates lying on the ground. Fucking awesome. Now would be a good time to look for them because it's been raining, and so they'll just be lying there clean and half-sparkling with a dull glassy lustre, if only the sun would come out. But it's too cold and I think I've slept about 10 hours this weekend and I'm not sure about the TSA's stance on agates as carryon items.

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