Sunday, September 27, 2009

weekends seem so much longer when i don't go out. in a good way.

i: embroidered, cooked, made some basil-infused olive oil, cleaned, took the dog to the vet, re-arranged my storage closet, ate everything in sight, tried to sell plenty of decent clothing at the buffalo and was completely denied after which i bought a jacket - this doesn't compute with my crazy saving/no spending policy, had a crappy lunch at ra, looked at houses in n. phx (i don't care anymore), and took some walks.

sometimes i forgot how excellent goodwill is. i was so annoyed at having to go buy a strainer to finish up with the basil oil, and doubly annoyed when i showed up at linens & things to shell out $10 for one only to find that they closed! the next day i got one at goodwill for 74 cents. can't beat a student discount on a 15 year old plastic strainer. har.

last time i went to goodwill, i stupidly passed up a very old steamer trunk. it was awesome. heavy as hell, and when i heaved the lid open, i found that the inside had tons of drawers and compartments, everything lined with a brittle jacquard silk. i should have bought it, it was only $15 or something, but i don't even know if i could have fit it in the rabbit, and space is an issue right now. i also found a metal plate that appeared to have been pried off of a tombstone or a mausoleum wall that had "rest in peace" hammered in relief on it. what?

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Carlsvilleproject Blog said...

I have to say you made me smile. I look forward to you coming adventures. Thanks for taking the time to write. You are really quite expressive.