Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Well, You're Assholes.

Today, I sat in on an interview in which the applicant was asked why she would apply for a job in a domestic violence shelter.  She replied, "Well, I wouldn't consider myself a feminist, but...I believe domestic violence is an issue to be addressed."

1. You just maligned feminism to a group full of women you don't know inside a domestic violence shelter.
2. Your random anti-feminist comment was essentially an apology for giving a fuck about domestic violence.
3. You think shitting on feminism is so socially acceptable that you did it in a job interview.
4. Domestic violence isn't ~a feminist issue~.  It affects ALL OF THE PEOPLE.
5. Fuck you.

This is what I wanted to say.  Actually, what I wanted to do was shove my chair away from the desk, pantomime washing my hands in she and my boss's faces, and then walk out backwards while flipping them off.  Because I literally can't go anywhere without this brand of ignorant bastard thinking that the wholesale dismissal of things like feminism, and the minimization of domestic violence are things you can do IN A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER WHILE YOU'RE ASKING FOR A MOTHER FUCKING JOB, not to mention everywhere else.

Afterwards, only one other person was even able to recognize or remember the comment.  These are the people in leadership at a social services nonprofit dedicated exclusively to the safety and empowerment of abused women who have no resources.  These slackfaced apathetic babies, despite the profession that they disingenuously trot out to impress their friends with, don't even have enough piss in them to get riled by some bitch in their midst whose response equates to "yeah? i mean it sucks rite idk."  Particularly when she wants to be the agency's face to high dollar donors.  Could I make up a more absurd scenario that will probably happen?  I'd be hard pressed.

Fuck that.  I've seen more passion in committees formed to address the matter of feral cat pee spots than I see for the mission of this organization.  It is appalling.

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