Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oh tile.

I love vintage tile.  I feel like I'm in the wrong trade these days.  Social service nonprofits are nice and all, but wouldn't I be happier doing historic home renovations?  Probably like 70%.

Anyway.  This site warms my frigid heart, and I am so amused and pleased that it exists:

Summarized, this is a site that says (in a nice-person way), hey fuckers, totally stop demoing your historic bathrooms, and consider growing some taste!  Then it surmises that Mamie Eisenhower started the trend that resulted in a zillion post-war bathrooms being tiled in pink.  All tile colors are delightful (almost), but pink seems to be more likely to be torn out than others.

The grail, of course, is finding a bathroom with matching tub, sink, toilet and tile.  These are usually American Standard fixtures, and they are so beautiful.  How could anyone dislike that?  How could you possibly remove that to replace it with a plastic Home Depot vanity in "sand," and some other ugly shit?

My bathroom counter features some well-worn 1950 pink & black tile, but the shower tiles have been replaced with modern white tiles.  blerg.

Isn't it perfect?  Isn't it hilarious that I'm going to paint the vanity base pink?  Trust me, it's gonna work.

Green with pink.  Perfect.  PERFECT.  I don't think that pink is an original color (or size) but whatever, THE SINK!


Green on green, nice.

Hex tiles on the counter.

And hex on the floor, my favorite.

So anyway.  All good houses still have their own tile.  Failing that, you can buy new old tile and put it back in if it didn't survive the decades.  People who tear this tile out are my enemies.  I don't care if it's cracked, pitted, and faded, you deal with it.  Or you replace individual tiles.  Last year, my grandmother let a tenant tear out the original 1954 tiles in the kitchen of her rental, and I almost slapped an old woman.  He replaced it with some 12" ceramic floor tiles.  I don't even have the words.

Corner sink!

Edited to add: Seriously, I never see these sinks with the spindly metal legs, like ever.  They must have been disasters in practice.  


Fashion Serial Killer said...

i love corner sinks and that corner bathtub is RAD too!!

allison_bt said...

yes yes yes, i love old tiles. i don't care how 'awful' the color or the condition. i was gutted when my cousin-in-law ripped out her original dusty mauve tiles, complete with a border of swan printed tiles!!!, and replaced with white subway tile. le sigh.
as for the spindly leg sinks, my grandparents had those in both bathrooms of their house. i always loved them. they held up very well but i think they were replaced over the years because people don't like seeing the pipes underneath.