Monday, July 1, 2013

Gentle people music

I guess I uploaded all these songs at the same time into 8tracks and forgot about them.  So now they're a mix, because a theme was observed.  Get out your notebooks and Sylvia Plath bookmarks!  It's time to write some moody journal entries!

But then I intentionally made another mix, or tried to until I was foiled by the ridiculous legal jive of record companies that won't allow me to upload more than 2 Glenn Miller songs into one playlist.  Really, dicks?  Laying the hammer down on all those people who want to pirate obscure swing jams that only dead people remember.  Got it.

So that mix is minus 5 other songs that I wanted because Glenn Miller had such an array of accompanying artists that no song is remotely the same, and they are all required.  FINE.  I'LL SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY I GUESS.

It's still all right.  Muffled trombones and moody jazz music are comforting to me.  Highlights: Peggy Lee, young Sinatra.  I never was a Sinatra fan until I heard his very early recordings. Those are why he's great, not the loungey stuff he recorded in the 50s and 60s.  The later stuff isn't bad, but the early early stuff, when he's still that narrow-faced kid, is kind of amazing when you haven't heard it before.

I'm getting these out of the way so I can make the mix I really want: 12 different covers of the lullaby from Rosemary's Baby.  Oh, trust.  That is real.

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