Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tormenta Who Can No Longer Chew

I love shop cats.  I enjoy that homeless cats sometimes find a home in the business of some kind fool who can't stand to see them on their own.  I often resent the official policy in the city park where my museum is, which states that I, and people like me, must refrain from feeding and/or encouraging the many feral cats to hang around.  Obviously these people don't understand that feral cats do whatever the hell they want regardless of whether I'm giving them names and trying to pet them or not.


Our botanical garden has a sister garden in Guanajuato, Mexico, presumably because they are the two largest desert gardens in the world (ours is biggest).  I was browsing their site today when I noticed a post about a cat named Tormenta, who has been living in the garden for some years.  A local artist has been selling pictures of Tormenta to help support her in her final years.

"This work is currently on exhibit in our Gift Shop and shows our dear Tormenta, the cat that has been living in El Charco for 15 years. Tormenta arrived just eight years after the Garden’s creation (1999), a few months old and since then has been the watchman and charm of the reception of El Charco.

The work was donated by the artist, Terra Mizwa, who also has made postcards from the painting of this famous feline which are on sale in the Gift Shop for 15 pesos. The money from the sale of these postcards will go to buying special food for Tormenta who can no longer chew."

It appears that prints and postcards of Tormenta cannot be purchased online at this time, which is a shame.  You can make donations, however, and probably specify that they are for La Tormenta.

El Charco Del Ingenio

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