Friday, March 22, 2013

Next Stop is the Grave

Well I did it.  I reached into my heart and/or soul and conducted out a 10 track playlist about flagrant gothery. 

In my review, however, I realized two things: 1. This is obviously just an installment and 2. All of these artists are British except Dead Can Dance, who are Australian, and Christian Death.  Of course the British make better music in this realm.  They're just standing on a big pile of bones and angst over there.  There are American goth outfits, of course, they're just all later and suck. 

This list contains nothing but well known, well-loved hiteroos, including the excellent Bauhaus cover of Ziggy Stardust, which I actually like better than the original, although only kind of if you're going to get all heated about it.  I don't repeat any artists, which was obviously a hardship for me.  I also stay largely on track, genre-wise, which is actually totally impossible at all times and we start with punky goth, then move into more baroque eyelinery stuff and then into neo-folk with almost no attention paid to new romantic this time.  Deal with it?  Don't worry, next time there will be Marc Almond.


Nick said...

This is where your gothy playlist takes me.

I've always thought the goth scene would be well served to focus more on oiled up musclebound sax players in tights & studded belts, and less on pale skinny crybabies who are sad all the time.

B said...

No. Unless...