Friday, January 11, 2013

The Tenement Museum

One of my favorite museums that I have not yet visited is the Tenement Museum in Manhattan.  It's a Civil War-era multi-family, well, tenement, that housed immigrant families for generations.  I love the mission, I love the interpretation, I love the marketing, I love the blog, I love this museum.  The way they found the building and what it turned out to be is like a fairy tale to me.  A total time-capsule, almost untouched for decades, loaded with clues and small items lost to history and found again under floorboards and inside walls and fireplaces.
You know what else I love?  While parts of the museum have been restored to various moments of the 19th and early 20th century, replicating the domiciles of people who actually lived there, other sections of the museum have been left in the state of decay that I presume they were in when the organization moved into the building.  They've been preserved to prevent further deterioration, but that's it.  I LOVE that.  I love ruins.  Why?  Who cares.  Check it out.

Yeah!  That!

Innovative Conservation at 97 Orchard

The idea of living in a large beehive of a city crammed with people and activity makes me feel anxious.  I have no starry-eyed desire for New York, and one of the only things that could possibly change my mind about that is this very museum.  It engages at least three of my Main Themes of Interest!

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FSK said...

rad! i love that kinda stuff. i will def check it out.