Saturday, January 26, 2013

I feel that there is a need for blogs about feminist humor, and also, about coping with it.  Partly because of how the concept is perceived by outsiders (NON FEMINISTS), and the stupid mirth and also confusion that happens when you are paying a lot of attention to anything.

Sometimes I say something and I'm like, Wait, Jesus Christ I'm offending myself.  I need a place to record my confusion about these moments.  The other day I referred to my mother's really-elderly neighbor as "the slut upstairs" and it was so funny.  Was this wrong?

Or, is this song offensive?  Is this social commentary or Lolita fetishization?  Because I enjoy it.  Should I feel smug, or guilty?  TBD.

My friend Anita and I spent all of Thanksgiving riding around in cars in New Mexico with men (Kaveh), listening to NPR and saying WHY AREN'T THERE MORE WOMEN IN THIS SHOW!  THE PATRIARCHY IS AT IT AGAIN.  I TOLD YOU ABOUT THEM.  etc.  It is funny, but am I making jokes because society makes me feel that I should humorously attack my people? Or is it just funny?  Seriously, this is dissertation material.

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