Saturday, March 10, 2012


Elizabeth I

by Lisa Falzon.  I love it.

I am also enjoying this excellent history (& stuff) blog.  She's very well-written and just my style. 

What was I going to do today?  Oh, right, loll around on a couch at Lux and read all the "Anne Boleyn" tags on this blog.  DONE.

I'm trying to stay focused on being a winner at life, which basically involves staying on task and getting things done.  Results have been "ok" so far.  I feel like a martyr because I made an obnoxiously complex cake for my mother's birthday and helped run the kid's craft thing at the museum in the same day.  Any time I positively interact with strangers, particularly strange children, I expect a medal.  Also, I was hit on by a girl today after I showed her how to weave a rag rug out of strips of t-shirt material using a hula hoop as a loom.

Free tip: just because someone tells you they're into history (or whatever), don't assume that means they hang out at the ren faire, because I don't.  And DON'T LOOK SURPRISED when I say so.  It makes me worried that I'm exuding a vibe. 

A ren faire vibe.

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