Monday, March 19, 2012

More Historic Phoenix

Here are some pretty good shots of houses in Phoenix that live on the historic register.  Most of them I've never seen before.  The Victorians!!!  Oh my god!  I'm so shocked at them.  This is what happens when you never get into the avenues.  I've been telling people that we have two and a half Victorians left in the whole city, super wrong.  It seems like we have...five or six!  Big news here.

The ones in extreme disrepair make me want to weep and lament openly.  As Little Edie Beale would say, each case is the worst thing to happen in the history of America.  I don't know what it is about Victorian and Edwardian structures but they make me want to JUST DIE I love them so much.  Seriously, I'm like one step away from moving to Detroit and buying a block of empty Victorians for $10,000.  Worth it!  I'll live in the best one like a little troll that no one sees/believes is there, and folktales will evolve about me.  "If you listen hard on a cold evening when the moon is can hear her yelling at her cat."

I'll just stop there.

If you scroll down halfway, you'll see the Osborn house on 12th Ave & Pierce.  He has an early shot and a contemporary shot.  There are 11 people in the old photo, I wonder how large the house is.  Looks pretty big for being so olde in Phoenix.

I will be skulking these houses on a tour, as I am also trying to figure out which dilapidated, burned-out crack house on Van Buren is the old Tovrea home from before they bought the castle.  Exciting.

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