Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Internet: Still Weird

Every so often, I check out the search terms that bring people to this blog. They're often strange and hilarious, sometimes creepy, and there are a ton of people out there who want to know all about Evan Michelson.

I had to laugh at this one. Someone searched "conservative woman" and got a picture of Jane Seymour Tudor. Too true, mon! Someone using the network at a Catholic boarding school in Canada found my blog (and a picture of Jonathan Rhys Meyers) while googling "transvestites". Also very correct.

I've also learned that people are very interested in taxidermied Italian Greyhounds, and that they think Bette Davis was in Beetlejuice. Fools. That was Sylvia Sidney. Oh, and Bob from La Bamba. Everybody loves Bob, but mostly me.

Other favorites:

"ghost great grandmother died childbirth" - came to the right place, buddy.
"my grandma - how did she look like"
"the initials bb as message from god in a dream?"
"tudor grammar" - wow, we should meet.
"gay construction workers tumblr"
"where them girls at blyth barrymore was buried" the fuck
"mid-century unicorn"

I have heard you, internet. I will continue to provide content about gay construction workers, creepy death stories, and 1950s unicorns. Also the Tudors. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

That was good for a laugh. I check the analytics too. Apparently you're drawing a more "top shelf" crowd than I am. I get Betty Page (hello, it's B-e-t-t-i-e) and Andre the Giant mostly.

Oh, are you sure you're NOT secretly a gay man?

1950s, Bette Davis, unicorns, construction workers... just sayin.

If you want to trip out on the internet for a spell today, google "momento muri" and see how they remembered their lost loved ones back in the Victorian days. Beautiful and eerie. Perfect. Color me fascinated.

I've been meaning to post about it. I met a guy that is deep into it, and it is pretty amazing - what they did/made back then... human hair, slaughterhouse blood, the jewelry.

Be well,


B said...

I know...I'm so a gay man trapped in a woman's body, except thankfully I do not want a sex change.

I love mourning stuff, especially the hairwork, although it is a bit gross sometimes. Slaughterhouse blood, though?! Damn. I'll check that out.

Speaking of creepy Victorians, this is a really interesting read that I have meant to post about also:

Merry Xmas!