Friday, July 8, 2011

Some fancy family portraits.

My grandma, my dad, my great-grandmother, and I think me.

A remarkably bad photo of my dad and brother. I love this picture of James so much. I should print it out and bring it when I see him next. MAIDEN. This is incongruous with my idea of his tastes but look at me CATEGORIZING PEOPLE. I guess I was about seven, and we had just met for the first time, but didn't have much to say to each other. He was visiting from college.

In the background please note rocking horse collection, valentines made of doilies taped to side of tv stand. It's hard to say when the photo was taken due to the clashing of holidays (also pictured: christmas stocking). It could have been June.

Around this time, James had been included in a poetry collection, maybe with other people from school. All of the pieces were very edgy and his had to do with some sort of Stand By Me type childhood awakening with plenty of cursing and sex. I was still pretty young, probably 10, and I found the book hidden in my mom's closet after hearing her talking on the phone about it, all hushed and scandalized. I read it. It didn't seem so crazy to me but it bothered me when I wondered if the poem was true; it made him seem very untouchable in my mind, intimidating and troubled, but in a Hollywood sort of way. I really hope she still has the book.

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