Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Would that it weren't so deathful hot in the lowlying deserts. I should like to take a road-trip in my carre.

God I really need to stop even paying attention to the 16th century.

Anyway, I am currently enrolled in a totally lovely class about Arizona history in which I have learned all manner of fascinating things that I did not know. It made me dig out photos of yore as we discuss various monuments and sites, and these photos made me sigh for multiple reasons, firstly that I haven't gone anywhere in a while and secondly, that I never did fix that Olympus.

Montezuma's Castle, patched in like an ancient wasp's nest. Oh I hope that doesn't set the curse on me. I'm pretty sure there's a curse, not unlike the mummy's curse, in the general spirit of "seriously fuck off you guys!" Anyway, it is a large multiple dwelling built by the Sinaguas. This is as close as anyone gets. There is no rear entrance!

Arizona Sequoias looking like a paint-by-number scene.

Oak Creek Canyon, full of slippery rocks and blackberry brambles. Well not full of, but if you're clever, you can find them, and if you're cleverer, you can make blackberry vanilla vodka with them.

Apple trees at Oak Creek, and a downpour.

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