Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Conspirator

Say, I'm actually kind of interested in this movie about Mary Surratt. It was produced by The American Film Company, which is dedicated to historical accuracy in its films, always a super sweet goal to have. At least it won't be infuriatingly retarded, or star Matthew McConaughey.

Stories and photos of the execution of the four conspirators sentenced to death have always been extra chilling to me. Execution and hanging weren't exactly unusual but for some reason, I find those pictures to be very disturbing, and her tension and fear jumps out of the frames. It must be her posture, however changed by a corset, a bag on her head and hands tied behind her back. She wasn't involved as heavily as the others and it seems that a lot of people felt she shouldn't be killed even then. I think her complicity had a lot more to do with her emotional relationship with Booth than anything else.

And I thought I got involved with the wrong people.

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