Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buyer Beware

i'm house-shopping again. it has been...interesting.

i have saved a few choice photos that i have encountered during my search. i have to admit that i'm kind of disgusted, physically and psychologically, when i enter these musty, greasy, stranger houses. even though everything is gone but the handprints, i still feel this lingering cloud of other-people vibes that more often than not acts on me like a talking amityville house. probably because i spend too much time touring despondent old neighborhoods in search of original tile.

these pics are more about scary taste than anything else. not quite anything like some of the worst i've seen (during prior home searches - no time for shenanigans now), like the one that looked condemned, with the walls knocked out, the ceilings hanging, and a squatter who was luckily not home at the time. my favorite was beautifully derelict, though, in a gray gardens kind of way. painted pink probably before i was born, it had faded to a pale dusky orange and the indoor paint hung off the walls in foot long sheets. old heavy silk drapes were still on the windows and the fabric rubbed to dust in your fingers. seems like that's the only kind of place you can find all original these days.

one from the veto list.

ohhhh and it's so grimy looking.

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Leora said...

Dude. Stripper pole? COME ON.