Thursday, September 16, 2010

is it sad or just reasonable that i keep saying that enduring shitty, shitty things almost seems worth it when things normalize and i am


today was highly awful for multiple reasons. it is not a good day when the best part is telling the troll residing within a small stucco hut in the worst part of town to go fuck himself and bring your fucking motherfucking goddamn car around LIKE NOW GUY.

someone was towed last night.

anyway, the only thing that can penetrate my currently very low quality of life is of course my favorite guy, the urbane, world-weary, snarky DC.

there he is!

so in his latest column he is discussing a particular talking point of some geologist he heard speak. the guy is detailing the "human family" and things like how we are all descendants of one eve (to put it jesusly, which gives me pain) in africa, and how everyone is related to everyone else and our dna is pretty identical in spite of physical varieties, etc. i think dick took something else from it, but the guy goes on to flesh out a lesser-pondered fact, which is that the chain of ancestors leading to we fools is...amazing. all of the flukes, accidents, coincidences, and moments that led to the particular individuals who bred over the millenia all have conspired to really this sort of sounds like some kind of chicken soup for the soul bullshit in which we enhance the normalcy of a situation to make it fun and charming, but really. so much HAPPENSTANCE has occurred to bring us to this very moment. childhood deaths, fights with strangers, moments in public places, all of these things have brought strangers together who later conspired to become someone's ancestors, creating a long, unbroken chain ending with you. one false move and you would never have existed, your life would never have happened. comfort or threat, it's still very thought-provoking to me. there is no way to incubate those possibilities in a lab, to control them, either. neat.

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