Sunday, January 19, 2014

This is how all my genius ideas go

Like a bolt of lightning, it hit me: How much better would Urban Cowboy have been WITHOUT John Travolta?

It's almost depressing to think of how much better it could have been.  John Travolta has always been distasteful to me for a variety of obvious reasons (gross, a Scientologist, etc.), and while he does play Bud's stubborn hick machismo exceedingly well, he's just a little too unlikeable for the role.  We're supposed to care when he almost dies, right? (Spoilers!) And when he cheats on Sissy, you want to say, "Great! Now go find someone else!" to her.  Although Sissy is pretty much a douchebag herself.

Aaron Latham wrote the screenplay based on a factual Bud & Sissy of suburban Houston, who really were a couple of drunk 21 year old idiots who embarked on a tragiromance after meeting at Gilley's one night.  He also kept a diary during the filming of the movie, and it's a pretty fascinating look into how young stars like Winger and Travolta carried on at this time in their lives.  Hints: she's batshit and he is gay.  He is a gay man.  I keep telling my mother this and she won't hear me.  Ok, maybe he's bi, who even cares, he looks like John McCain now.

I'm not really sure who the other up and coming young actors of 1980 were, but I feel like they could have done so much better.  They only cast Travolta because he was on fire from Saturday Night Fever, and there was dancing.  He looks so utterly out of place otherwise.  Oh!  I've got it.  Sam Elliott.  Maybe he was a little too old for that role, but they should have started there, not with Travolta.

Such a missed opportunity, but at least we have that priceless soundtrack.  Seriously, I do love Mickey Gilley.

Poor quality, but that shirt.

Not from the movie, but still nice.


Nick said...

I hear and respect your opinion, but NOBODY plays dumb, oblivious, self centered, "hardheaded and prideful" like a young John Travolta. I know your resentful of your attraction to the man, but don't take it out on his acting chops. Save that for an older Tom Cruise.

BB said...

Well, if I had to choose between Travolta and Cruise, I would be forced to choose Cruise, but ONLY because of that scene in Interview with the Vampire when he shoves a live girl into the coffin he uses as a coffee table, sits on it, and screams, "You're dead!" Lestat so mean.

Nick said...

You sure about that? This movie just might change your mind. Egomania incarnate.

FWIW I am a huge Top Gun fan however.

BB said...

Noped it out of there at about 0:24.

Oh, Top Gun? Never seen it, still somehow know all about the intense homoeroticism laced throughout. Is that why you like it?

Nick said...

That may have been what hooked me as a youth. Well, that and the Kenny Loggins driven soundtrack.

You can not consider yourself a cultural critic,commentator, or even observer without having seen Top Gun. It is just not possible. Maybe if you had spent a little less time being all gothy as a youth, and a little more time trying to understand the young and virile white male predicament we wouldn't need to be having this conversation.

BTW thank you for not correcting my grammar earlier. (your/you're)

BB said...

I considered it. The grammar, not Top Gun. Still not sold on that.