Friday, June 1, 2012


Downton Abbey ripped a whole scene from Gone with the Wind.

I noticed.  I'm sure other people did too, but I'm not quite pitiful enough yet to seek out some forum and bitch about it to the rest of my 60 year old soap opera watching Ashley Wilkes loving (they do, I don't) sistren, so I'm going to compromise and bitch here. 

Downton Abbey has been around for a while, but I have just noticed it.  It reminded me of BBC's Manor House at first, but turned out just to be a very well done Edwardian soap opera. 

It was the scene where Matthew or whatever asks Mary to look after his fiancee if he dies in a war.  They are in love with each other ~but won't say so~ and so he asks this stupid thing of her and she accepts with much hesitation and agitation.  "Fine, I'll look after Melanie, er, whatever her fucking name is."

Melanie is, of course, the name of the character in GWTW, whom Ashley (not a female) asks Scarlett (not a stripper) to watch over if he's killed in a war.  Because it's the same scene.


"No, I will not babysit your bitch wife! Ok fine, I will."

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