Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm alternately really interested in and really annoyed by people. Some of them are SO STRANGE to me. It's interesting to think of what passes notice in superficial interactions, and what becomes glaringly obvious to the point where I'm just staring at them with my hand in midair in classic "WTF?" arrangement.

I've written some of them down. These are the ones from today. Surely these will come in handy the next time I'm forced to write some fiction.

Ultra hip Japanese kid named Bruce. Style is Johnny Depp 1990. Very thin, and very smart. Rarely speaks. His second-gen Japanese-American grandparents were put into one of the Japanese internment camps during WWII.

Mouthbreather, audible from 6'. Lots of makeup. Possible slight autism. Loves professor. Says “Yeah!” “Uh huh!” as though they’re the only two in the room. Laughs every time professor laughs, loudly, one beat behind.

Sassy gay kid, Ray Bans, loser in class, never studies, does no homework. Young, hip hair, possible diabetic, carries a needle in a case. SHAKES. Puts his hands on his knees, stares straight ahead, and shakes/trembles violently and fast, mouth vaguely moving. No explanation of this. High pitched, nasal voice. Calls everyone bitch. Iphone all the time, Beyonce ringtone.

1930s mobster guy at Lux. Glossy black hair, slicked back. Tight fitting black sweater, black pants. 50s. Speaks softly, DeNiro mole. Drinks espresso.

Oh, no. There's more. Later.

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