Friday, January 13, 2012

Free dog

Bear #2

My grandmother's asshole neighbor has a new dog. Guess who doesn't approve. His old dog disappeared after getting injured in the fence last year. This is, of course, after months of watching the dog's previously sociable nature recede into skittishness and fear. So, now he has a new rottweiler puppy who looks like a baby bear. Full disclosure - the puppy is weird and really spacey. He likes to fling himself on the ground and roll around, but sometimes that means he hits his head on the concrete walkway pretty hard, and cries. He seems like a purebred to me. I'm literally asking everyone I know if they want him, because this neighbor guy is a world class bastard, and I'm convinced that he's already beating the puppy. I don't know any puppies who act frightened and hesitant, do you?

Getting the dog involves going to this guy's house during any of the 20 hours a day in which he's gone and the dog is in the yard, and swinging open the 3' pink gate. So, if anyone needs a sweet, dummy of a dog with shark teeth and gigantic feet, let me know! Seriously. I want to re-home this dog.

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Leora said...

Sounds like the neighbor is definitely hurting that little guy. It takes a phenomenally evil piece of shit to hurt an animal.