Monday, December 13, 2010

I am way too jealous of Pre-Raphaelite mermaid, Dame Darcy. Her comic, Meat Cake, is apparently back in print and more available than in the 90s, when I would have to dig around in bins at comic book stores and endure comic book guy attitude. I have an old suitcase full of them and I wish I knew where it was. Anyway. I read this tonight, and I want to live inside it.

I’m curious about your childhood. You mention in the introduction that you grew up in Idaho. What kind of environment was it like?
In the summers we lived on an Appaloosa horse ranch in the mountains. In the winter we lived in a craftsman house from 1902 in town (town was Idaho Falls).The beauty of the ranch (Bone Idaho, population 15) has been unparalleled by anywhere in the world I have been since.
I dreamed about it all last night, it had a crystal clear lake that the Rocky Mountains reflected in like a mirror, forests of aspen and pine trees, fields of wild flowers, running creeks with rainbow trout. We were so excited to go to the little general store once a week to use the pay phone for a dime and drink pop. It was like we lived in another age. A summer storm would come over the valley and make all the ions in the air go crazy before the thunder struck, setting fire to a tall tree and frightening the horses. Cowboys and Indians blended into the same thing, they both lived close to the land and seem to have had the same kind of concerns. The cowboy would wear beaded Indian fringe leather and Indians would wear cowboy hats. My Grandpa knew what every flower was named, every kind of bird and insect, all the animals, like they were neighbors he knew for a long time. I'll always think of him when I hear old cowboy songs that he taught me and the day we went horseback riding and he showed me a sweet water creek where you could drink right out of the ground, that water tasted like malted clear ambrosia. I have never had anything like it again. When I last went to Idaho with my brother in 2007 I went to the ranch and was walking in the woods. I felt the presence of my Grandpa very close so I called out to him, and told him I loved him. I turned around and saw a huge owl about 4 feet tall perched in a tree staring at me, I know that my Grandpa has the same kind of Native American beliefs about animal spirits, and I know this was his spirit come to visit me in the form of an owl. He blinked his eyes once slowly then turned his head around completely like owls can do, then with a 4 foot wing span flew into the woods soundlessly.


Can't find many good Meat Cake pics. What the hell. DD created or at least did first this whole whimsical witchy DIY thing. Here's her blog. Dame Darcy.

The semester is over and though it might be in my head, my life is suddenly one hundred times better. Oddly I feel sort of productive and so I signed up for winter classes. IRONIC BEHAVIOR.

Somehow Meat Cake reminds me of Nico, probably all of the warbling blonde ghosts. My friend Melissa always loved Nico and I was startled the first time I heard her voice. I fell in love very quickly and suddenly though and the songs became such a close comfort to me. If I haven't heard this song in a while, especially if I don't expect it, it catches right in my throat. It's a portal.

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