Tuesday, July 7, 2009

three things this tuesday:

1. i found elizabeth taylor's twitter: bonus. she is sassy and tends to repeat herself: bonus, and comfort (i do too).

2. i got a stellar annual review: bonus. i got a raise: bonus. due to the fact that i started at a higher rate of pay than is the norm in my department, that raise approximates to...6o cents an hour: BURN. why do i try? what will i do with that extra $48 (before taxes) every two weeks?! deciding will be the fun part, i guess.
perhaps i should ~invest it~

3. i started a summer geology class today. this is also a bonus. i love geology, and i wish the reality of it didn't involve so much chemistry and physics. i just want to ramble around the desert checking out rocks and scowling at mountains, plateaus, basins, crags, you know. taking soil samples and making little notes. i don't want to go work for some mining company, hello.

4. no thanks to mariah carey and her cover of "i'll be there".

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